I am pleased to announce the release of Wordcraft 0.6.  I have been using it for a month or so now and I am learning some things.

I had been having trouble logging in lately from multiple places.  So, instead of trying to work on the built in session handling I had written, I took my own advice (use stuff that exists) and just switched to PHP sessions.  All the cookie stuff is worked out and I can get a lot done with just a little work.  PHP sessions make me a little nervous.  If you have lots of applications installed on the same site that use them, you can get some odd behavior.  But, why reinvent the wheel right?

I have found myself wanting to save a post while working on it.  To do that before, I would have to uncheck the Published box.  To solve this, I changed the behavior of the Save button.  When pressed it now saves the post, but with the published flag set to 0.  This lets you save a post while working on it quickly.  I then added a Publish button to the post form.  The Publish button will save the post with the published flag set to 1.  If a post is already published, you just get an Update button that will save whatever is set in the form.

From a code perspective, I have made all the code use the same array for user data.  I had a separate one for the core, one for the template and one for the admin before.  That was getting complicated.  So, they all just use the same one now.

The last thing I did was add meta refresh tags to the admin success pages.  I like having a success page to tell me something worked.  But, I really want it to move along after it is done.  It does that now.  It is set to 3 seconds.  I may knock that down a bit.  That 3 seconds starts after the page is fully loaded.  So, it can be more like 5 or 6 if stuff has to load.