So, my wife told me that my site design was boring.  Yeah, she was right.  I am no designer.  I just don't have that gene.  But, during my work on Wordcraft, I came across some cool places to find designs that are relased under Open Source licenses.
  • Open Designs - This is arguably the the prettiest of the three. The search, however, is painfully slow because all results return on one page.  I guess if you can wait, this is a plus as browsing is easier.  Also, you can pick multiple colors and choose by license.  They only list XHTML templates (at least as search options).  That could be a turn off if you like HTML 4 like me.
  • Open Web Design - The site itself could use a design overhaul.  But, the content is good.  The search lets you choose primary and secondary color, a unique feature among these sites.  Thumbnails are a bit small though.
  • Open Source Web Design - Their search is not as powerful as the others, but it does return very fast.  The thumbnails are a nice size.
You will find the same content on all three sometimes.  But, it comes down to browsing and searching.

I found my new design at one of those.  Not sure which, I looked at a lot of them.  I did not use the template's HTML exactly as I like HTML 4.0 and wanted a different sidebar than the original author.  But, the design is the hard part.  So, thanks for Deep Red.