I spoke at CodeWorks in Atlanta, GA this week.  I totally dropped the ball promoting it on my blog.  It was a neat venue.  Rather than a large conference they are doing a traveling show.  Seven cities in 14 days.  Many of the presenters are working in every city.  Crazy.  I was just in Atlanta.  It is close to home and easy for me to get to.

I spoke about memcached.  I tried to dig a bit deeper into how memcached works.  On the mailing list we get a lot of new people that make assumptions about memcached.  Most talks I have seen focus on why caching is good, how to use memcached, the performance gain.  I kind of assumed everyone knew that stuff already.  I guess you could say I gave a talk that was the real FAQs of the project.

Here are the slides.  Derick Rethans took video of the talk.  When he gets that online I will add it to this post.