I mostly talk about geeky stuff on this blog, but sometimes I like to get a little more personal. Today is one of those days.

Like this post, I took my public speaking to a personal place this month. At the Ignite Birmingham event this month I decided to talk about what life is like with a large family. This was a different experience for me. It was very well received and my wife was there to watch it. She had not seen the slides so it was a surprise to her. Here is the video.

My daughter's 8th grade class had a "graduation" ceremony on Tuesday. Now, I kind of think that is a bit silly. I approached as an awards ceremony. They give out awards for best GPA per core class. They also award student athletes of each sport. the SGA and drama department are honored. I think those are all great things. Well, Macy, my 13 year old received seveal honors. If I told you I did not expect them I would be lying. She was a head cheerleader, class historian/photographer, played the lead role in the school play and is an all around good student. She received awards for all of those things. Those were expected. After the students all walked across the stage, the vice principal and principal had one more award to give. Each of them chooses one boy and one girl based on their own criteria to receive the Vice Principal's Award and Principal's Award. We sat listening to the principal talk about who she chose the students to receive the award. She spoke of character, kindness, school spirit, work ethic and all the qualities that one hopes their child has. Then, much to our surprise, she says Macy's name. I was floored. I admit, while she was saying all those things, I was thinking "Macy fits all those to a T, she should get that, but probably won't". I figured it would go to some goody two shoes kid I had never met because their mom was always helping out at the school and they would always chat it up with the principal in the hallways. In reality, my wife and I have not always seen eye to eye with the principal and I feared that relationship would also be a hurdle. But, no, kudos to the principal. She evaluated Macy for being Macy. And I won't lie, that will probably help the relationship between myself and the principal as my other kids go into that school.