Well, it was not as planned, but he is here.  Our 6th child, Hudson Bennett Moon came into the world this morning at 8:53AM.  All of our children have been born via C section.  The plan was to come in at around 10AM on the 16th to deliver Hudson the same way.  Well, yesterday my wife starting having some pains that the doctors did not like.  They watched her overnight and decided this morning to go ahead and perform the C section this morning.  It was a whirlwind.  We waited all night to see what was going to happen.  Then, at 8:25AM, the nurse came in and said that we were doing it at 8:45 and that my wife was to be wheeled in to the OR in 5 minutes.  We franticlly called friends and family.  None of them were there.  We assumed (you know how that goes) that we would have an hour or something.  No such luck.  So, by 8:53 he was here and at 9:40 we were all in a room with baby and family.  Everyone is healthy.  Mom feels better than she did the last 3 weeks.

Hudson in blue

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