Luckily, I don't have personal experience with them. But, based on the 2 to 3 users per week that come to the Phorum support forums and IRC, they have the worst support of any host on the internet.

Example 1

A user comes to the forums having trouble with his Phorum install. In the user's words, GoDaddy tells him "they couldnt help me costumize my scripts because it wasnt their job". In this case "customize" meant filling in the MySQL permissions into the Phorum config files. In the end, GoDaddy had to move him to a Linux hosting account. They claimed that the Windows hosting accounts do not support PHP. However, they are clearly wrong about their own hosting as this all started because the user received a PHP error about not connecting to MySQL.

Example 2

This user found that GoDaddy is using MySQL 4 on their servers. Their web site does not mention a version anywhere. So, users are locked in to a hosting plan before knowing this.

Example 3

This happened today in IRC. It was much like the first example. In this case, GoDaddy support told him "permissions are set via ftp". Um, MySQL permissions are set via FTP? The user had a MySQL server name. For some reason it did not exist. So, either he typed it wrong or they gave him the wrong server name. Either way, their support should recognize this and be able to help their clients.

Example 4

This is less a support issue and just plain crappy of them IMO. GoDaddy does not allow the creation of temporary tables. The Phorum search engine makes use of them to save lots of CPU and memory on the PHP side. Luckily for their users, Thomas felt sorry enough for them to make a module that used good old fashioned slow LIKE queries. So, that will work until their account is shut off because they have search queries clogging up the database servers.

So, if you are on GoDaddy, I feel for you. From where we sit, it really seems like they do not provide very good support. We end up having to support their users for things that GoDaddy should be able to answer.