So, dealnews has had a pretty tried and true content format for years now.  But, we decided it was time to try something new.  I feel it helps to separate us from the other "deal sites" out there.  We have started posting feature articles about price trends, rumors in the tech product market and all sorts of other things.  Now, I say this is new, but in fact, this is what made dealmac, our original site, famous back in 1997.  Our CEO Dan deGrandpre wrote several feature articles about Mac pricing.  Those articles were picked up all over the Mac community.  So, in some ways, we are back to the future.

One particularly interesting series is the dealpad. We are renting an apartment in Brooklyn, NY for our employees to use when in town at our new NY office.  Its cheaper than hotels according to our research.  But, we need to furnish it.  That is what the features are about.  Furnishing the dealpad with stuff we list on the site.  We practice what we preach.