Wordcraft 0.5 available

Mon, Nov 10, 2008 09:00 AM
Well, I blogged about Wordcraft the other day.  I have just been running live on the software for 4 days now.  Well, that post had no URI associated with it.  It took me two days to figure this out.  Oops.  Welcome to eating my own dog food.  So, running this live with actual users (and a host of bot spam attempts) I am learning a lot and making a lot of commits.  So, I may very well roll once or twice a week for the first few weeks.

So, with that, I have packaged 0.5.  There are 15 changes in this package.  Some features, but mostly bug fixes.  So, if you could use a simple blog, give it a try and help me debug it.  If you do, please use the Google Code issue tracker.  Maybe I can figure out how to have those things emailed to me.
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gu Says:

hi , why use mysqli but not mysql?
as i know, many web host can't support mysqli...

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Brian Moon Says:

I find the mysqli extension far superior to the mysql extension. So, I have switched all my personal development to it. In reality, someone just needs to build a new WCDB class in this application that uses mysql. All of the mysqli functions are contained in that class. So, if someone wants it, they can make it and contribute it back.

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