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Mon, Nov 17, 2008 01:00 PM
So, my wife told me that my site design was boring.  Yeah, she was right.  I am no designer.  I just don't have that gene.  But, during my work on Wordcraft, I came across some cool places to find designs that are relased under Open Source licenses.
  • Open Designs - This is arguably the the prettiest of the three. The search, however, is painfully slow because all results return on one page.  I guess if you can wait, this is a plus as browsing is easier.  Also, you can pick multiple colors and choose by license.  They only list XHTML templates (at least as search options).  That could be a turn off if you like HTML 4 like me.
  • Open Web Design - The site itself could use a design overhaul.  But, the content is good.  The search lets you choose primary and secondary color, a unique feature among these sites.  Thumbnails are a bit small though.
  • Open Source Web Design - Their search is not as powerful as the others, but it does return very fast.  The thumbnails are a nice size.
You will find the same content on all three sometimes.  But, it comes down to browsing and searching.

I found my new design at one of those.  Not sure which, I looked at a lot of them.  I did not use the template's HTML exactly as I like HTML 4.0 and wanted a different sidebar than the original author.  But, the design is the hard part.  So, thanks for Deep Red.
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Bert Garcia Says:


The reason you find the same content is that the sites are spinoffs of each other.

Open Source Web Design begat Open Web Design which begat Open Designs. Admins got mad at each other and opened up their own sites, funny thing is that it happened twice.

I'm also not a very good designer, I rely on free templates for my sites. My gene deficiency is being color blind, I rely on my wife and daughter to guide me in this colorful world.

There are many free template sites, my favorite at present is:

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Richard Heyes Says:

I'm no good at design either, and I consider that a blessing... :-) Commercial template sites include and I've used the 4 template one a few times, including: Considering the price, the designs are absolute bargains.

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Dennis Birkholz Says:

Hi Brian,
your post may be interesting for people searching for a new design, but why is the article tagged as "mysql"? To be listed on and others?

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