Know PHP/MySQL and wanna earn a buck?

Mon, Nov 24, 2008 05:53 PM
Apparently, all the work we have put into over the last 11 1/2 years can be had for $250 and can be delivered in 10 hours.

I see it was canceled.  That is smart.  What we do can not be done for that kind of money.  $350?  Maybe. =)

Speaking of dealnews, we have been rated the #1 Black Friday site by PC Magazine.
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Brian D. Says:

For a while I posted these as a "Hall of Shame" on, but then I realized that 90% of the projects posted on Craigslist/RentACoder/etc are similar.

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Bill Karwin Says:

I'd guess that those "employers" get what they pay for. That is, someone promises to do it, takes the $250, and delivers a screen shot of or something.

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Martin F. Says:

It's a place holder bid people, it used to be sorted by price by default so everyone would just offer the lowest price possible and write a private message with a real quote or request for information.

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amanda Says:

It looks clear and simple, so it must be easy to build, right?

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