Boycott NuSphere. They are spammy spammers

Thu, Oct 28, 2010 01:41 AM
It took a lot for me to finally write this post. I tweeted about it a while back. It seems NuSphere needs more business. They have resorted to spamming people to promote their PhpED product. I have gotten emails to email addresses that:
  1. I know are not on any mailing list
  2. Are on web pages as plain mailto: anchor tags for good reasons.
In one case, it was the address we have on the site to make it easy for people to report any security related issues. We get all kind of spam because of this, but it is worth it to have an easy access address for security issues.

In the other case, the email addresses used were on the jobs page. It was the addresses that are used to accept resumes.

Now, today, I started getting them to my personal inboxes.

Apparently, they sent it out the first time with a misspelling, so they had to send it out again!?!?

Now, the NuSphere people posted a tweet that claims the emails are not coming from them. That it's an independent marketer that "have permission to sell our products". First, the links in the email to go the NuSphere site, not a 3rd party. I would think an independent would want to take me to their site. Second, if that is the case, revoke the permission you have given them to sell your products. Don't use a marketing/sales agreement as a shield to allow people in the PHP Community to be spammed in your name.

PHP Community, please do no support NuSphere. They are spammers, directly or indirectly. If they do this to promote their product, how will they find a way to hose their user base later on?
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Satya Prakash Says:

we should give them a chance.

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Adam Harvey Says:

@Brian: I hadn't seen the Twitter response (when I made my own angry tweet about it they hadn't posted it), but I agree completely: it's their name on the line, and if they wanted to stop it, they'd stop it. Spamming by association is still spamming.

@Satya: It's well past the point of giving them a chance -- it's happened repeatedly and it's just not good enough at this point.

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Halz Says:

It's likely that this *did* come from a third party, because that's pretty much how all web spam happens these days. Few companies are stupid enough to knowingly associate their brand with this practice, but plenty of people are stupid enough to pay an 'SEO' marketing specialist (No! Just build a better website!). These shady operators take money in exchange for an, often quite temporary, google page ranking boost. The annoying thing is that the spammers are very directly profiting from spamming the web. NuSphere need to investigate which third party SEO firm is responsible for this, and not only cancel the contract, but publicly name and shame them!

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nusphere Says:

Dear all, we got your message - we also tweeted about the situation (@PHP_IDE)
Yes, indeed it went badly - sorry about it. We did, indeed , authorized newtonportfolio to promote PhpED. Please understand that nobody, newtonportfolio included had bad intentions. Routinely marketing companies obtain the mailing lists to promote the products. By no means anybody should have gotten an email twice or more times, unsubscribe should have worked at once - and we realize now it didn't and we are apologizing profusely. We asked newtonportfolio to stop now and explain to us how they got the emails. We told them as well to not use any of emails on official php forums, such is for example.

You can ask our users and those who evaluated PhpED in the past about our emailing policies - you will see that they are strict, well in accordance with web etiquette.
newtonportfolio is trying to do their job - like any other salesmen do. We made a partnership with them to improve our sales and bring in "the professionals". If they are not as "professional" as we hoped they were - we will terminate the partnership alltogether. If you are being spammed by these emails and unsubscribe is not honored - please be so kind to let us know, we will make sure it is done. Emailing should be stopped now anyway.
We do want to spread the word about PhpED and we've been contributing to PHP community since we started 6 years ago.

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Duckie Says:

Praise the lord for disposable mailboxes...

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Michael Kimsal Says:

Not that surprising. I heard good things about the IDE in 2003, but haven't followed it much since then. I'd had some email marketing from them which had some atrocious spelling and grammar issues at that time. I wrote in and suggested some fixes, and suggested they have someone proofread their material before it went out, as they were projecting an unprofessional image. If they can't even spell things correctly, how can I be assured there aren't egregious bugs in the product, right? I got a fairly condescending (nasty? rude?) email back from someone telling me to mind my own business. I wrote off NuSphere at that point, and haven't recommended them since. I guess this works both ways, as they've not recommended me to anyone either :)

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OZ Says:

I don't use this IDE, but I don't think that somebody should to 'ignore' IDE just because somebody sent some emails. Even if it was spam. IDE is IDE, sales is sales.

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Charlie Says:

I purchased this product a few months ago...they told me they had an upgrade to same version...different point release so it was free of charge...but the upgrade did not take my serial number and now I can not do anything on that IDE!!! I am now very sorry I purchased this product and if they give me my money back, I would gladly purchase another product.

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