It took a lot for me to finally write this post. I tweeted about it a while back. It seems NuSphere needs more business. They have resorted to spamming people to promote their PhpED product. I have gotten emails to email addresses that:
  1. I know are not on any mailing list
  2. Are on web pages as plain mailto: anchor tags for good reasons.
In one case, it was the address we have on the site to make it easy for people to report any security related issues. We get all kind of spam because of this, but it is worth it to have an easy access address for security issues.

In the other case, the email addresses used were on the jobs page. It was the addresses that are used to accept resumes.

Now, today, I started getting them to my personal inboxes.

Apparently, they sent it out the first time with a misspelling, so they had to send it out again!?!?

Now, the NuSphere people posted a tweet that claims the emails are not coming from them. That it's an independent marketer that "have permission to sell our products". First, the links in the email to go the NuSphere site, not a 3rd party. I would think an independent would want to take me to their site. Second, if that is the case, revoke the permission you have given them to sell your products. Don't use a marketing/sales agreement as a shield to allow people in the PHP Community to be spammed in your name.

PHP Community, please do no support NuSphere. They are spammers, directly or indirectly. If they do this to promote their product, how will they find a way to hose their user base later on?