Bing ads are such bull crap

Mon, Dec 21, 2009 01:03 PM
Have you see these Bing ads? The insinuate that web search gives you a lot of crap. But, that Bing can cure that problem. Really? One simple question Bing:

How big is the sun?


Google tells me the mass right off the bat. Neat. The following links are all very relevant too.


Yahoo gives me an interesting alternate query. The links are all relevant too.


Bing starts well by suggesting some queries.

But, it soon falls apart IMO.

Big Red Sun? A garden design company? That is the most relevant? Really? The third result is way off too. Their related searches clearly seem to indicate that Bing understands what I am looking for, but their results fail badly. Get the log out of your eye Bing.
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trip Says:

I have found that bing works very well for one specific need... when you are looking to buy something. Other than that G or even Wikipedia (like your query, rather than hit Google, go directly to Wikipedia?). The type of query should determine where you look to get it answered. Just a thought. Cheers.

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Brian Moon Says:

Google works great for products IMO. Bing has that cash back crap that is, IMO, also a little misleading. Besides I work for, I start there when I want to buy something. =)

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stumbled here Says:

I find the differences in Search so minor at this point -- and, to be fair to BING -- you should also presume that some obscure User was looking for the business "Big Red Sun" or "big sun" (if they didn't remember the whole name) -- NOT, restrict the interpretation of your phrase to a single possibility.

I tried the same Search but where I was looking for Big Red Sun with some variations (I knew the whole name; part, "how to get to" etc.), and, they all come up about the same. The fact that BING tossed it into your query could show an expanded logic, rather than Goog's finite logic.

But, it's an interesting thing to ponder.

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