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Mon, Dec 15, 2008 03:48 AM
I was trying to place an order at tonight.  Being a web professional I am very critical of bad web sites.  While placing my order, they refused to accept my credit card.  Their site insisted that I was entering the CCV code (that little number on the back of your Visa) wrong.  Well, I was not blind.  I could read a 3 digit number.  But, I really wanted to make this order.  So, tried my wife's card.  It worked without a hitch.

One hour later, I get an email that the items I ordered are backorderd.  DOH!  Why did I not see any mention of this in the cart?!?!  I then look at the web site for my credit card and sure enough, the suckers have got a hold on my card for the full amount of the purchase. 

Well, this is a holiday related purchase.  I can't wait weeks for it to ship.  So, we call the customer service number.  They are there 24 hours a day.  The only good thing about them.  We complain about the fact that we were not aware of the backorder status before we placed the order.  And then we complain that they put a hold on the card for the full amount when the product is not going to ship for weeks.  The guy on the phone says it will go off within 48 hours.

Fast forward three more hours.  I am again looking at my credit card transactions and what do I see?

IROBOT.COM  PND  ($199.98)
IROBOT.COM  PND    ($0.01)
IROBOT.COM  PND    ($0.01)
IROBOT.COM  PND  ($199.98)

WTF!?!?  Not only did they put a hold on my account for the backorder, they have now done it twice!?!?!  We call them back again.  We complain about the back order crap again.  We then complain about the FOUR holds.  The woman gets an attitude.  She starts telling us that the product page clearly states that the products are on backorder.  We see no such thing.  For starters, we landed on their site on their Gifts under $100 page.  There is no mention of it there for sure.  Upon closer inspection, on the cart page there is this tiny blurb:

This is hardly noticable in this context.  In page it is even less noticable.  The lady still swears that the product page for the product shows the backorder status, so I load it up.  I don't see it.  I went to it a few times and one time, when scrolling quickly, I see a flash.  See this video to watch the backorder notice disappear as I am scrolling do the page.  It will pop up just under the Add To Cart button and then go away.  If I had not scolled when I did, I would not have seen it.

As for the four holds on my account, the lady claims it is from all the times I entered my CCV number wrong.  WHAT!?!?!?  You put a hold on the card when I enter the number wrong!?!?!?  Besides the fact that I did not enter it wrong, that is insane!!!!!

So, if you want a Roomba (sad thing is I love mine and now think the company is a piece of crap) get it at Amazon or or somewhere else. 

(Heh, I load this post and what do I now see?  iRobot ads from Google for  Buy from them then!)
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Stepan Says:

Or just watch for one, they sell em very often.

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Chris Shiflett Says:

I love contextual ad follies. Google is showing me an ad for a Roomba right now. :-)

Gravatar for Josh Pen

Josh Pen Says:

Sometimes you can get them at

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greg Says:

I wonder who got rude first? What do you expect them to do, put the back stock as big as life. They are trying to get sales. I thnk you need to work on some inner peace.

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Brian Moon Says:

Well, greg, why did they charge my card 4 times? Is that my fault?

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